Timeless Maternity Studio Session | Manchester Maternity Photographer



Pregnancy is an amazing time and there is no better way to celebrate it than with a portrait session. I love photographing women about to become a mother.


 The transformation of the female body to create new life is an absolute miracle. We create life, we build life, we blossom life. 


I will never tire of documenting such beauty.


It may not feel so wonderful as our bodies stretch and pull and expand, but we are quite literally, growing another human. It’s true that life is never quite the same after you have a child. It becomes impossible to remember what life was like before this other heart was beating with our own. 


I can't tell you enough how important I think a maternity shoot is. It's a visual legacy of how amazing and powerful we are as women.


This gorgeous maternity session with the glowy mother was photographed at Julia Horrocks Studio and is one of my favourite shoots to date. We wanted something that felt editorial, with a hint of the boudoir. The whole session was captured on film, that's why the images look so timeless. They will stand the test of time. 


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